Silent Diesel Generator

  • Silent-type Diesel Generator
Silent-type Diesel Generator

Silent-type Diesel Generator

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Silent-type Diesel Generator

The Silent-type Diesel Generator Sets manufactured by Our factory are selected from domestic and foreign well-known brands such as Cummins,Deutz,doosan,MTU, Perkins, Volvo,Shanghai,Yulin,Weifang,Jinan and other diesel engines.

Silent-type Diesel Generator Sets are widely used in Posts and Telecommunications, Hotel Buildings, Entertainment Places, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Industrial And Mining Enterprises and other places with strict requirements for environmental noise, as a normal or standby electricity supply. Its have been sold to the Africa,Southeast Asia,Central Asia , Middle East ,South America and so on more than 20 countries and regions, well received by the customers.

Our Gensets are in line with GB12786-91 national standards, has been ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, CE certification. After continuous innovation and reform, the design and manufacture of more noise reduction effect of low noise generator set.

Silent-type Diesel Generator Sets feature

1.The inner part of the Genset is adopted with5 cmhigh density flame retardant high quality sound-absorbing cotton. Large impedance compound silencer, smoke exhaust system using heat insulation cotton processing and secondary muffler, significant low noise performance, the genset noise limit is 65 db at a distance of 7 meters from the genset, 75dB from the genset 1m.

2.The sound attenuated enclosure is environment-friendly paint, made of 3mm cold steel plate, which can play the role of fire prevention and corrosion prevention after acid washing and phosphating treatment. At the same time with a unique rainproof groove and seal design, sound attenuated enclosure rainproof weather grade higher.

3. The overall design is compact in structure, small in size and novel in appearance.

4. High-efficiency noise-reducing multi-channel air inlet and exhaust channel design, effectively prevent sundry and dust inhalation, increase the area of air inlet and exhaust, ensure that the unit has sufficient power performance guarantee.

5. The base has an eight-hour fuel tank.

6. Specially designed quick opening cover plate, more convenient for maintenance。Unique blowdown valve design, battery switch design, explosion-proof lamp device is more user-friendly.

7. Insulation door and cover of sound insulation are similar, the window use double deck glass, door window and cover of sound insulation are sealed strictly, utmost ground sealed noise.

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