Deutz Diesel Generator

  • Deutz Diesel Generator
Deutz Diesel Generator

Deutz Diesel Generator

  • Product description: Zhengdian generator set, power coverage from 16 KW to 120KW, adopt Deutz 226B series low power diesel engine made by Sino-Germany Joint venture in China.

Zhengdian Generator Set with Deutz Diesel Engine

     DEUTZ is the first company develops and produces Deutz series diesel engine in Chinese market simultaneously with Europe. By virture of innovative R & D technology,exquisite manufacturing technology, as well as extreme details concern,the engine becomes an ideal power of various generator units(power equipment).The product meets China II and has significant advantage in reliability,power performance and economy.To meet demand of Clients, we can supply the diesel generator with Leroy Somer, Marathon Mecc Alte and Chinese brand alternators for your choice.

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