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Mobile-type Diesel Generator

Mobile-type Diesel Generator

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Mobile-type Diesel Generator

The mobile diesel genset have various constructions and functions, such as hand-push,three-&four-wheel,auto power station, trailer power station,mobile low noise station as well as mobile container power station. Referred to the structure of foreign power stations, the system is designed and produced by our factory own, it possesses good operation and safety performance.

The mobile frame is welded in slot beam framework way, reasonable node selection, hi-strength, nice rigidity; steel spring suspension structure; the bolt-style traction frame with the function of height adjustable meet all kinds of tractor; the straight-through car axle is welded by round steel pipes, more compact and reliable.

*traction: using mobile hook, 360 ° turntable, flexible steering, ensure the safety running.
*braking: have the both reliable hand brake system and air brake interface in guarantee the safety of driving.
*bolster: to ensure the smooth in operating of power car, it attached four mechanical or hydraulic braces.
*doors&windows: in the front has hopper window, and in the back has split door, the operator can do operation from the doors of both sides.
*lighting: the inner tank has blast-proof ceiling light, and the work table with desk lamp at right side, all convenient for operating.
*sound protection: the power car’s tank, door etc all have the double decoration and are installed with acoustic board; the exhaust pipe is packed by insulation material, the noise can be controlled within 72dB(A).
* external appearance: coated with the Polymer polyurethane paint, color is optional for clients, and the exhaust pipe is upturned.
*size: the tank size is based on the specification, operator can walk around freely for operating and maintenance.
*fire-fighting: equipped with two fire extinguishers on genset.

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