Five key points of diesel generator maintenance in winter

      Diesel generator sets in the summer after a high load of work, but also ushered in the winter. Remind you of humidity, height and temperature will have an impact on the operation of diesel generator sets, in the actual use of the situation even more complicated, and other factors will also affect the normal work of the generator. How can we extend the life of diesel generators? Proper operating habits and proper maintenance is particularly important, the following is to explain how the diesel generator sets how to keep out the cold:
1, diesel generator in winter because of poor working environment, so then you need to frequently change the air filter, because the cold weather is particularly high on the air filter and diesel filter, if not timely replacement will increase the engine wear, impact the service life of the diesel generator set.
2, winter diesel generator sets in the choice of oil, should try to choose a little viscosity of oil.
3, diesel generator operates in winter, if parked in open areas, should always pay attention to changes in the weather, when the outdoor temperature is below 4 degrees, should let go of diesel generator cooling water cooling water tank, because the volume change of 4 degrees when the water is relatively large, when the water from a liquid into a solid. Volume expansion will damage the cooling water tank radiator.
4, diesel generator set in winter, the air temperature in the cylinder is low, it is difficult to reach the natural temperature of the piston after compressed gas. Therefore, the auxiliary method should be adopted to improve the temperature of diesel generator set
5, diesel generator set in winter start should be low speed operation for 3-5 minutes, in order to improve the temperature of the machine, check the lubricating oil work, check the normal to put into normal operation. Diesel generator set in operation to minimize the sudden increase in speed or the throttle to the maximum operation, or a long time will affect the valve assembly life.

       These are the five points of the winter maintenance of diesel generator sets, so that these five points can ensure the normal use of diesel generator sets in winter, and can extend its service life.



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