How to correctly use and maintain the starting battery of diesel generator set

      Although many users buy a diesel generator for Diesel generator set back, but a lot of knowledge is still very strange, the deficiency in some of the basic components of cognition, in order to deepen our understanding of the unit, will make a detailed introduction on how to correctly use and maintenance of diesel generator on the battery starting today.

      For the sake of safety in the maintenance of battery wear proof apron and wear a mask or goggles, once the electrolyte accidentally splashed down in the skin or clothing, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
The battery is dry at the time it is just delivered to the user (except for maintenance free), so it is necessary to add a mixture of the correct proportion (1:1.28) of the electrolyte before use. Unscrew the battery cover, and slowly inject the electrolyte until it is located between the two lines of the upper part of the metal sheet and close to the upper scale line as far as possible. After a good, please do not use immediately, you should let the battery parking for about 15 minutes.
       In the first charge to the battery, it should be noted that the continuous charging time should not exceed 4 hours, charging time is too long will cause damage to the battery life.
When one of the following circumstances, the charging time can be extended: the battery for more than 3 months, the charging time for 8 hours, the ambient temperature lasts more than 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees F) or relative humidity remained above 80%, the charging time is 8 hours, such as 1 years of super time storage battery, charging time can be for 12 hours, at the end of charging, should check the level of electrolyte is adequate, if necessary, add the correct proportion (1:1.28) of the standard solution.
This paper reminds us that for the battery, the battery should first be filter cap or exhaust hole open, and check the electrolyte level, need to use distilled water to adjust. In addition, in order to prevent the long-term closure of the battery cell can not be discharged in time and avoid the water droplets on the inside of the cell wall condensation, should pay attention to the opening of the special vent to facilitate the proper flow of air.



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