Diesel generator sets will be affected by rain and snow weather

     As we all know, the plateau climate operation on power generating units will have a great impact in the plain area, rain and snow weather will also affect the unit equipment operation, the following is a detailed analysis of the specific impact to several common weather.
     Humidity, height and temperature will have an impact on the operation of diesel generators, in the actual use of the situation is much more complex, and some other factors will also affect the normal work of the generator.
Some of the following conditions will have an impact on diesel generators:
Other gases in the air are chemical corrosive gases
(in the sea) there is salt water (FOG)
Dust or sand
     Therefore, we must take into account the impact of a variety of complex climate on diesel generators to ensure the normal operation of the generator. The following three options can be adapted to different climates:
Anti condensation heater: for air humidity and condensation of the environment, when the generator is not running when the heater is connected, the generator body temperature than the ambient temperature is about 5K, cut off power of heater operation.
IP23 protection level: IP23 protection level to prevent the vertical direction of 60 degrees of rain can not enter the internal motor.
Air filter:: some places due to the relatively large sand or dust in the air.

In addition, we also need to pay attention to the use of diesel engines in special weather conditions should be carried out immediately after the maintenance of the unit to reduce the damage caused by weather.



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