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  • Cummins Diesel Generator
Cummins Diesel Generator

Cummins Diesel Generator

  • Product description: Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Output Power: 20KW—2400KW (25KVA—3000KVA) Supply Voltage: 200V/110V、380V/220V、400V/230V、415V/240V、440V/254V、480V/277V etc. Alternator: Stanford etc. Control Module: Deepsea、Sm

20KVA-3000KVA Cummins  Generator Set

Our company is an OEM authorized manufacturer of the Cummins engine. Cs Series Generator equipped with internationally famous USA Cummins engine; High emission standard-EU II-IIIA;  Power range:20KVA-3000KVA, which can afford most home/factory and power station need. Cummins engine Original: BT and LT series are made in China by DCEC. MTA, NT, QSK and KTA series are made in China by CCEC; QSM is made in China by XCEC.The Cs Series generators are characterized by advance technology, reliable performance, low fuel consumption, easy purchase of accessories, environmental  protection, long working life and equitable price.

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